Oh hello, so you stumbled across my little patch in that place we call The Internet of Things!

Well welcome! You’re not going to find the meaning of life here or even a guide to how to live your life.

This is my place that if anything will tell you what not to do in your life.

My name is Jake and I am a sarcastic, depressing, stupid and a wonderfully annoying person.

I can see you asking ‘well why do I care what you have to say then? Why would I want to hear from a depressive twat like you?’

Well, the answer to that is……….

You probably don’t.

But better out than in I always say, so in the event that you have come across my little page and you enjoy what I have to say, then fabulous!

So I better tell you a little bit about me then.


So as I told you before, my name is Jake. What I may have skipped over is that I am a recovering drug addict, fighting manic depression and anxiety and what feels like the world at times.

But through all of this, I have thrown away the little bag of fairy dust, met the man of my dreams, had surgery to fix the damage that I have caused to myself, been to America to open and run a spa from the ground up and now I own The Last Wick Candles.

Not too bad for a 24-year-old who fucked up his life majorly because of the wrong people and being a complete idiot. (That is putting it lightly)


Well welcome to my little bit of paradise, my escape from the world, it won’t be all doom and gloom here I promise.
It will be honest and include everything from the good, bad and ugly.

When creating a blog people always say to pick a niche, that’s how you do it, well I have picked my niche and that is Jake.                                                               I know it probably doesn’t count but I like the sound of my own…..typing……and I will do it all on here.

I hope you enjoy the journey!






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